PT Nutricell Pacific & PT Cargill Indonesia Held Farmer Meeting: Layer Business 2023

On 8 February 2023, PT Nutricell Pacific in collaboration with PT Cargill Indonesia held a seminar entitled “Farmer Meeting: Layer Business 2023” at the Grand Artos Magelang Hotel, Central Java.

The 2023 Layer Farmer Business Meeting is a forum for breeders to discuss various current issues surrounding the layer farming industry.

The event was opened with an opening speech delivered by Cargill’s Central Java Sales Leader, @Adi Irawan and Nutricell’s Account Manager, Panji Aryo Tegar Prapanca.

The session was continued with the first topic seminar delivered by Dr. Wira Wisnu PhD, as Nutricell’s Director of Engineering and R&D discussing Adaptation to Layer Chicken Production. Followed by the second topic filled by drh. Ahmad Wahyudin regarding the Challenges of Physiological Disease Management in the Pullet and Old Layer Phases. Finally, the material was delivered by Bondan Prakoso, S.Pt., M.Pt., as Cargill’s Country Technology Application Manager, who discussed the Nutritional Needs of the Modern Layer.

Sustainable egg production; the comprehensive parameters of laying egg production to achieve lowest possible feed cost, thanks to Cargill’s precision feeding concepts which allow layer farm to have quantitative nutrition model for modern layer. The precision feeding and combined with Nutricell’s health compass, which giving accurate prediction of disease challenge. The Health Compass and Good Medication Practices, are comprehensive tools of antibiotic reduction program, meanwhile maintaining health condition of the flock. Health and Nutrition is key for sustainable egg production, the layer farm for better People, Planet and Protein.

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