Product Innovations at Nutricell:

Elevating Animal Nutrition and Health

At Nutricell, we are not just a company; we are a community of innovators, thinkers, and leaders in the field of animal nutrition and health. Our relentless pursuit of scientific excellence is the cornerstone of everything we do.

Elevating Animal Nutrition
and Health

Eggshell Quality Enhancement with Pre-layer Supplement

Nutricell’s innovative Pre-layer supplement is designed to significantly improve eggshell quality. By optimizing the balance of organic minerals and employing strategic pullet management techniques, this supplement ensures stronger, healthier eggshells. It simultaneously boosts layer production and feed efficiency, making it a vital tool for poultry farmers aiming for high-quality egg production.

Advancing Laying Persistency through Heart Health

Recognizing the critical link between heart health and laying persistency, Nutricell has developed silymarin-based additives. These serve as hepatoprotectors, enhancing liver function and overall health, thus supporting prolonged and productive laying periods.

Rovizyme: Customized Enzyme Solutions

Nutricell’s Rovizyme tackles the challenge of feed cost efficiency. It is equipped with Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) calibration, ensuring precise enzyme activity based on substrate variability. Through the OFM Feed Formulation system, Nutricell can develop custom enzyme solutions, specifically tailored to available substrates. The enzyme efficacy is meticulously tested using the Sephadex technique, guaranteeing optimal performance.

Cellmaxx: Pioneering Gut Health Solutions

Cellmaxx is a standout innovation derived from Nutricell’s “Gut Health Compass”. This quantitative tool for health evaluation has led to the development of Cellmaxx, a medicated solution aimed at achieving or maintaining optimal gut health scores at the lowest cost. Cellmaxx is a key solution in antibiotic reduction strategies, offering efficacy and affordability.

Rumigold: Ruminant Nutrition Redefined

Focused on calcium metabolism in ruminants, Rumigold is formulated to ensure accurate calcium levels and modified DCAD for maximum metabolic efficiency of calcium and phosphorus. This precision in formulation leads to improved overall health and productivity in ruminants.

Nutrifat: Enhanced Energy Sources for Ruminants

Nutrifat leverages the power of hydrolyzed palm oil to provide an efficient by-pass fat source, enhancing energy availability and improving milk quality in ruminants. Furthermore, Nutricell has developed an advanced fat powder containing balanced Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA), offering additional health benefits. This innovative product can also act as a carrier for vital nutrients such as vitamins, choline, betaine, salt, and sugar, allowing for customized nutrient delivery.

Coxicell: Comprehensive Anticoccidials Range

Nutricell’s Coxicell offers a complete range of anticoccidial products, encompassing chemicals, ionophores, and natural options. Leveraging extensive research and farm data, Nutricell has developed potentiated formulations that enhance the efficacy of anticoccidials, maintain sensitivity to active ingredients, and reduce medication costs.

Energy Booster: Optimizing Growth and Production

Developed using Guanidinoacetic acid (GAA), the Energy Booster is formulated to enhance growth, egg production, and feed conversion ratio. This product innovation represents Nutricell’s commitment to improving efficiency and productivity in animal farming.

Aquacell Vetspecial: Non-Antibiotic Aquaculture Health

Tailored for fish and shrimp, Aquacell Vetspecial is a non-antibiotic medicated product designed to boost immunity and improve survival rates. Its unique formulation addresses the specific health challenges in aquaculture, offering an effective solution to maintain animal health and optimize production.

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