Nutricell Veterinary – NUVET

Animal Health Business:
Revolutionizing Veterinary Science

In the dynamic sphere of Animal Health, Nutricell Veterinary (NUVET) stands at the forefront, revolutionizing veterinary care with a blend of innovation, expertise, and dedication. Our mission is to transcend traditional boundaries, providing groundbreaking solutions for animal health and welfare.

Global Collaboration,
Local Impact

At NUVET, our approach is global yet deeply rooted in local realities. We collaborate with leading animal health services worldwide, bringing forth an array of health tools and solutions tailored to diverse needs. Our partnerships are more than just alliances; they are synergies that spark innovation and drive progress in animal healthcare.

Advanced Diagnostic and Analytical Tools

Our suite of diagnostic tools, including the Gut Health Compass and Rapid Test kits, empowers veterinarians and farmers with precise, real-time data. These tools enable a deeper understanding of animal health, paving the way for tailored improvement programs. Our analytical capabilities extend beyond mere diagnosis, offering comprehensive insights into the overall well-being of animals.

Innovative Product Range

NUVET’s product portfolio is a reflection of our commitment to excellence. It includes Ultracell, a unique antimicrobial product, and Coxicell, a comprehensive range of anticoccidials. Our suite of antimicrobials and health solutions are designed to address a spectrum of animal health needs, from routine care to complex medical challenges.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Excellence

Our state-of-the-art pharmaceutical manufacturing line is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. As the only company in Indonesia offering custom health products, we set the standard for pharmaceutical excellence in animal healthcare. Our facilities are equipped to produce a wide range of high-quality veterinary products, ensuring efficacy and safety.

Education and Empowerment

Knowledge is at the heart of effective animal health management. NUVET is dedicated to educating our partners and customers, providing them with the tools and information necessary to make informed decisions. Our educational initiatives are designed to elevate the standard of animal healthcare, fostering a community of well-informed animal health practitioners and enthusiasts.

Custom Solutions for Optimal Health

Understanding that each animal’s needs are unique, NUVET specializes in developing custom health solutions. Our team of experts works closely with customers to formulate products that precisely meet their specific requirements, ensuring optimal health and well-being for their animals.

In the realm of animal health, Nutricell Veterinary (NUVET) is not just a provider; we are innovators, educators, and partners in the journey towards healthier, happier animals. Our comprehensive approach, cutting-edge solutions, and unwavering commitment to quality place us at the pinnacle of animal health care, making a tangible difference in the lives of animals and those who care for them.