VISION & STRATEGY Nutricell Pacific Our vision is to actively contribute to the creation of sustainable animal production and human-animal companionship. We understand that everyone defines sustainability differently. At Nutricell, however, we define it as a means of meeting the needs of current and future generations in line with the ‘triple bottom line’ of people, planet and profit. We make this happen by helping to improve economic prosperity, environmental quality and social responsibility. NUTRICELL PACIFIC THE MARKET LEADER Nutricell Pacific We are a science-based company that always strive to contribute in providing safe, healthy and affordable animal proteins and in creating a better value of human-animal companionship. Our strong expertise in R&D, combined with our customer and industry knowhow, and supported by our modern production facility, has created values for a better life, a better planet and a better business. SUSTAINABLE OPERATION Nutricell Pacific Beginning in 2020, we have focused our business in two key sectors: food animals and companion animals. We strongly believe that the future of animal production will be driven by technologies creating higher efficiency and productive while at the same time supporting the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. PRODUCT QUALITY Nutricell Pacific Product quality is our DNA and we invest heavily on quality assurance related services. We have developed the Nutricell Quality System (NQS) in which NIRS’ fingerprint for each raw material is updated regularly. We strongly believe our NQS is one of the most reliable quality assurance systems where the proficiency testing result (z value) is maximum 2%. This means of the analytical parameter result, maximum 2% having CV more than 10%.

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