Nutricell Joins the Republic of Indonesia’s Ministry of Agriculture in a Landmark Trade Mission to Japan

Nutricell, a pioneering company in the field of nutritional science and technology, is proud to announce its participation in the Trade Mission led by The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) of the Republic of Indonesia to Japan, which took place from December 4th to December 8th, 2023.

This esteemed delegation aimed to foster bilateral relations and explore new technological advancements in various sectors. Nutricell played a crucial role in these discussions, sharing its expertise and innovations with key Japanese institutions and industry leaders.

Engagement with Fuji Film Research Center

A significant part of the mission involved Nutricell’s engagement with the Fuji Film Research Center. These discussions centered around the latest advancements in photography, medical devices, cosmetics, and food technology. Nutricell showcased its groundbreaking texturing technology for plant-based meat, demonstrating its commitment to sustainable and innovative food solutions.

Collaboration with Japan Nutrition Company (JNC)

Furthering its collaborative efforts, Nutricell engaged in a fruitful dialogue with its partner in Japan, the Japan Nutrition Company (JNC). The discussions revolved around yeast technology and nutrition lipid, highlighting Nutricell’s expertise in developing nutrition products from palm oil derivatives. These innovations include the creation of fat powder through calcium soap technology, hydrolysis processes, and the utilization of specific fatty acids for bypass coating of essential nutrients.

Visit to AEON and Commitment to Sustainable Practices

In alignment with its vision for sustainable development, Nutricell and the MoA team visited AEON, Japan’s leading modern retail market based in Chiba. Nutricell shared insights on the market development of pet care products, especially in mature markets like Japan. AEON’s commitment to developing a new standard in the modern retail industry that supports both people and the environment aligns closely with Nutricell’s mission.

New Trade Commitments

The trade mission concluded with Nutricell securing new trade commitments with renowned Japanese companies such as Sari Raya and Sky Global. This venture will enhance the presence of Nutricell’s innovative plant-based meat technology in the Japanese market, which is witnessing rapid growth.

About Nutricell

Nutricell, a Singapore-based health and nutrition company, is renowned for its innovative approach in the development and distribution of nutritional products and supplements. Operating from the heart of Southeast Asia, Nutricell focuses on combating dietary challenges and enhancing public wellness. Their diverse product range includes dietary supplements and fortified foods, specifically designed to cater to varying health needs across age groups. Learn more about their mission and products at www.nutricell.io; and for information about Nutricell Pacific, visit www.nutricell.co.id.

Nutricell’s participation in this trade mission underscores its dedication to innovation, sustainability, and global collaboration. The company continues to push the boundaries in nutritional science, contributing to healthier communities and a more sustainable world.

For more information about Nutricell and its initiatives, please contact our marketing team at nutricell@nutricell.co.id

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