Nutricell Held Good Medication Practices In House Seminar & Workshop

Nutricell and PT. Wonokoyo Jaya Corporindo held a seminar and workshop on  Good Medication Practices, which took place on Thursday, January 18,  2023, at the  poultry farming complex of PT.  Wonokoyo Jaya Corporindo, Sidorahayu Malang,  East Java.

Good Medication Practices is a strategic guide to disease control and poultry treatment assessment systems.  On this occasion, Nutricell introduced the concept of Gut Health Compass as a quantitative tool for evaluation of poultry health conditions along with data analysis as well as its interpretation.

The seminar and workshop was opened by a presentation from  Wira Wisnu Wardani, PhD as Nutricell Director for Technical and R&D, Dr. Wira explained the  conditions of  the poultry business, its opportunities and challenges.  The session was followed by a presentation from   Dr. Ahmad Wahyudin about Good Medication Practices and closed with a presentation from Ilham Akbar, MSc who explained the dynamics of feed formulation and the latest technology on data  analysis  and  data interpretation in poultry industry.

Furthermore, Dr. Wahyudin said that Good Medication Practices are a   strategic guide to improve poultry health at the lowest  cost, as well as a benchmark for responsible use of antibiotics.  Nutricell and Wonokoyo commit on sustainability of animal protein production including responsible use of antibimicrobial substances in poultry farming system.

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