Nutricell and IPB University Developed “Methane Factor” to Minimizing Methane Production in Agricultural Sector

Poultry and livestock industries face a significant obstacle as they seek to make high-quality protein widely accessible and affordable. This herder, community protein has existed for some time. In addition, they seek the decent entry of livestock participants and farmers, who can ensure the continuity and sustainability of animal production. We recognize that animal production could be a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the agricultural sector.

Thanks to the scientists of IPB University, the collaboration with Nutricell can continue to improve animal production while minimizing methane production, which is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. The concepts developed by Nutricell and IPB University are referred to as the “methane factor,” which is the calculation of the potential methane production of each feed ingredient. As a result, potential methane production can be mitigated during feed formulation.

IPB University and Nutricell also develop artificial intelligence-based feed formulations that go beyond linear programming. AI-based feed formulation operates under multiple parameters, including feed raw materials, nutritional value of feed raw materials, pricing, and additional parameters. Disease, climate, housing model, and farm management data are extracted by the AI-based Feed Formulation. Consequently, the AI feed formulation recommending feed formulation, medication program, farm management, and economic profit projections. Thanks to #ChatGPT #openAI, the AI-based Feed Formulation provides not only quick decisions and processes, but also more inclusive parameters for improved people, planet, and protein.

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