Latest Laboratory Services in the Era 4.0

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Latest Laboratory Services in the Era 4.0

Nutricell in collaboration with Wisium provides nutrition laboratory services based on information technology, and will provide access to customers in world-class laboratory services to ensure the accuracy of formulation and quality of feed, as well as animal health conditions.

Innovation is a word that is always echoed by PT Nutricell Pacific (Nutricell) as a provider of veterinary medicinal products and animal nutrition, because it is in accordance with the company’s vision and mission, namely “The Science of Life” and presents solutions through innovation. Not long ago, at Hotel Santika Premiere, Gubeng Surabaya, East Java (3/7) Nutricell held a routine activity titled Innovation Dinner with the theme “Labs Service 4.0”. A familiar atmosphere was felt in the event which was attended by broiler, layer and self-mixing as well as feedmil breeders.

The CEO of PT Nutricell Pacific, Suaedi Sunanto, said that the routine innovation dinner was held to provide the latest information or the latest things that were shared with customers and the industry.
He explained that the innovation dinner this time provided an update on technology and analytical methods as a form of service to breeders and feed mills. “More precisely, nutrition laboratory services based on information technology, Nutricell and Upscience will provide access to customers in world-class laboratory services to ensure the accuracy of feed formulation and feed quality, as well as animal health conditions,” he explained.

He added that the Laboratory Service (Labs Service) is offered, not only talking about analysis and analysis methods, but also helping to present data from the analysis results which will later be used to make quality and competitive feed formulations. “The target is not only from the numbers that must be precise, but how that number can be used for feed formulations for breeders and feed mills. Of course, by discussing the specifics first, “he explained.
He mentioned that an intensive analysis process was needed before a clear profile was found. When the system is running, the analysis is only a control method. Analysis is not an easy factor and a cheap activity, so the analysis data is very critical. If it is related to 4.0 connected to the internet, such as NIR which is installed in Blitar, East Java, it will upscience NIR in France, “he said.

Suaedi hopes that with Labs Service 4.0, it will provide a real picture of the function of a laboratory that does not only analyze using sophisticated tools with the right method. “However, how can we manage the data that has been obtained so that it provides measurable efficiency, the analysis process will be more effective, the quality is maintained and the consistency is easy to read. In the end, the products produced are of high quality at competitive prices, ”he explained.

Ensuring Quality and Interacting with Each Other

Wira Wisnu Wardani, Director of Research & Development (RnD) Nutricell with the Labs Service wants to show customers that Nutricell is very concerned about quality, even starting with educating from the internal team. “Animal husbandry products that will be produced by farmers will be consumed by us, our families and children. So if the process goes wrong, then we will be affected too. It is not enough to care about the process, so a quality control system setting is carried out starting from checking the raw materials, homogeneity, vitamins, minerals and undesirable substances internally in the Nutricell laboratory, “he explained.

He argued, with the competition in the livestock industry getting tougher, it will be seen that producers who are concerned and who are not about the quality of their products. Therefore, Nutricell opened the IoT (Internet of Thing) system, which is a concept where an object has the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. “For example, with the Integrated Veterinary Service (NuVet) application which includes veterinarian consultations, laboratory analysis, requests for veterinarian visits, and others. We also develop product identification with a barcode on the packaging through the application, “he explained.

Wira mentioned all application services that were presented by Nutricell as services to ensure quality in customers and interact with each other. “So the customer will provide input, which will be used as input in the future for us in providing the needs that customers need,” he said.
Furthermore, what is being developed is that customers can go directly to the website to see the production, formulations and raw materials. “We are like going into the kitchen to see the process of the product being made so that trust will be built and can be accounted for,” he concluded.

Cooperation with Wisium

In this Labs Service, Suaedi said Nutricell took Wisium as a strategic partnership


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