PT Nutricell Pacific is committed to being able to contribute positively to the balance of profitability with responsibility in protecting the health of humans, animals and the environment. One of them is ensuring that the actors in the ruminant livestock industry know that rumen fermentation in ruminants can produce methane gas emissions. For this reason, PT Nutricell Pacific in collaboration with IPB University presents the “GHG Emission Awareness” project.

Gas production from feed ingredients used in commercial dairy farms in Indonesia will be evaluated in this project. Knowing the pattern of gas production from each raw material can help to measure gas production from a dairy farm. The role of PT Nutricell Pacific is to be able to suggest feed additives that can help reduce gas production and still improve livestock performance with PT Nutricell Pacific’s expertise in the field of animal nutrition.

Some of the raw materials considered are wheat pollard, wheat bran, wheat bran, rice bran, corn gluten feed, DDGS, palm kernel meal, copra meal, coffee husks and concentrates.

These various raw materials produce gas production which is still in the process of testing and processing by the IPB University team so it still takes time to implement. However, knowing the characteristics of gas production from each of these raw materials can help to make mitigation efforts to reduce gas production.

To find out more details, Asian Agribiz has published an article on “Keys to Achieving Sustainability in Dairy Nutrition” which can be read below:

Asian Feed Magazine – Nutricell Article

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