ISO 22000: The Nutricell Commitment

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ISO 22000: Nutricell’s Commitment Ensure all production chains run according to food safety principles

In this era of digitalization 4.0, with wide access to information, businesses are faced with increasingly intelligent consumers. Food commodities that are safe and healthy for consumption are consumer demand that must be fulfilled by providers of goods and services in the food industry. The issue of food safety is of particular concern as well as a measure of the feasibility of consuming certain commodities. Therefore, all sectors that support the sustainability of food commodities are required to contribute to realizing a food safety system by upholding the principles contained in ISO 22000.
ISO 22000 is a food safety management system that can be applied to any organization in the food chain. Being an ISO 22000 certified company allows a company to demonstrate to its customers that it has a food safety management system. This has a direct impact on customer trust in the product, especially for customers who act as food producers. They will prioritize the safety of raw materials for the safety of food products produced, feed safety for food safety.

Safe and Quality Products
In order to answer customer needs, PT Nutricell Pacific as a manufacturer of feed additives and feed supplements, is committed to providing safe and quality products. One way is by applying the principles of ISO 22000, which is to ensure that all production chains run in accordance with the principles of food safety. We are well aware that feed additives and animal feed supplements have a contribution to the production of animal protein such as eggs, meat and milk. In addition, PT Nutricell Pacific has obtained CPOHB (Good Manufacturing Practices), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia, with certificate number 144-GMP-2017 and ISO 22000 with certificate number FSM45588.

Meet Customer Needs
PT Nutricell Pacific’s customers consist of feedmill companies, independent breeders and integrators with various types of livestock commodities (poultry, ruminants and pigs). Apart from domestic customers, PT Nutricell Pacific has also participated in enlivening the international market by exporting its superior products. In February 2019, Nutricell exported 6 tons of products to Vietnam, valued at USD 177,800. Furthermore, some customers who are export destinations as well as domestic customers show special attention to food safety so that PT Nutricell Pacific as a supplier of vitamins and minerals must be sensitive to customer needs by implementing ISO 22000. In principle, all efforts made by PT Nutricell Pacific to obtain ISO 22000 certification is the company’s mission to play an important role in the animal protein industry that is healthier, safer, and sustainable to meet consumer needs with the application of the latest technology.


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