Nutricell and New Hope Indonesia Join Forces for an Enlightening Education Session

Exciting Collaboration Announcement: Nutricell and New Hope Indonesia Join Forces for an Enlightening Education Session

We are thrilled to share the success of an incredible collaboration between Nutricell Pacific and New Hope Indonesia, which resulted in a highly informative education session held on June 13, 2023, at the prestigious Grand Hotel Surya Kediri, Indonesia. The session was aimed at advancing knowledge and understanding of nutrition requirements for modern layer hens, with a special focus on the crucial pre-layer period.

Our Technical Expert, Ilham Akbar, delivered a captivating presentation on the vital nutrition requirements during the pre-layer period. Ilham Akbar’s expertise shed light on the essential aspects of feeding strategies to optimize the health and productivity of layer hens during this critical phase.

In addition to Ilham Akbar’s insightful talk, we were honored to have Dr. Nofitra Suparno Dewi grace us with her expertise. drh. Nofitra Dewi Suparno P delivered a comprehensive presentation on the health evaluation of layer hens, providing valuable insights into maintaining optimal health and welfare for these important avian species.

During this enlightening session, Nutricell also introduced a groundbreaking innovation called “Eggspert” – a digital egg quality measurement system, with a specific focus on eggshell quality. Developed by Nutricell, Eggspert allows egg producers to precisely quantify egg quality based on eggshell color, porosity, and tightness.

This cutting-edge technology offers numerous advantages to layer farmers, particularly in terms of egg quality assessment. With Eggspert, layer farmers can efficiently evaluate egg quality with unprecedented speed, cost-effectiveness, and accuracy. By providing detailed insights into eggshell quality, Eggspert empowers farmers to make informed decisions that drive improved productivity and consumer satisfaction.

At Nutricell, we are committed to empowering the poultry industry with innovative solutions that drive efficiency and success. The collaboration with New Hope Indonesia for this education session showcases our dedication to knowledge sharing and fostering advancements in the field.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to New Hope Indonesia, Ilham Akbar, Dr. Nofitra Suparno Dewi, and all attendees for making this education session a resounding success.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to develop groundbreaking innovations and collaborate with industry leaders to drive positive change in the poultry sector!

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